Toff’s skilled GA certified armed and unarmed guards expertly deter misconduct, protect the public and demonstrate our customers’ commitment to safety. Our clients include private residents, small businesses, retail, schools, communities, government offices, construction sites, gated communities, apartment complexes, events and many others. Toff also specializes in protection services for high profile groups and individuals, including executives and celebrities who travel or regularly make public appearances.

Toff’s discrete private investigative services are second to none for corporate and private customers. Our insured and bonded professionals employ innovative, efficient and reliable strategies to uncover information regarding the identity, habits, conduct, movements, whereabouts, affiliations, associations, transactions, reputation, and character of any person or group of persons. We have experience conducting investigations regarding the credibility of witnesses; the whereabouts of missing persons; the location or recovery of lost or stolen property; and the causes and origin of- or responsibility for—fires, libels, or losses. Toff also handles background checks, skip tracing, loss prevention, surveillance, insurance fraud investigation, infidelity and more.

Choosing Toff for your security and private investigative needs is an investment in your safety, security and success in the face of a wide range of challenges.